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Where Does Students’ Tuition Go? Improving the College/Student Relationship

College students, for the most part, aren’t stupid.  Students understand that a college is also inherently a business in many ways simply out of necessity.  A college won’t be successful without plenty of income.  We know where a large portion of that money comes from — the students — and why that makes sense.  Students pay for their education, and they get what they pay for (or their scholarships pay for).  Yet, wouldn’t it be nice to know a bit more about where that money goes and how it is used?

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“In Defense of Flogging”

Ullstein Bild, The Granger Collection

This article by Peter Moskos is worth reading.  Even the debate raging in the comments section is fascinating.  But don’t make the interpretive mistake that many apparently did.  The author’s ultimate end is not to argue for the reincarnation of flogging in our penal system; rather, this argument is the means through which he points out how flawed our current penal system is.  His main premise is this: “If you were sentenced to five years in prison but had the option of receiving lashes instead, what would you choose? You would probably pick flogging. Wouldn’t we all?”

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Privacy Does Not Exist Online

A company called Social Intelligence could be standing between you and your next job. It’s become commonplace for potential employers to examine online profiles of applicants, and Social Intelligence provides this service to business.  It certainly makes sense in that employers are practically guaranteed to browse through data that they are required by law to disregard in the hiring process; Social Intelligence goes through this data and passes on only information that is relevant, legally, to each candidate.  This ensures that employers cannot be held liable for any sort of discrimination in the process.  For this reason, it’s likely that more businesses will begin to use some form of social media screening in the hiring process.

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