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Tips From my Parents’ Kitchen II

1a. Leftovers can make a meal. Cold baked beans, for instance, are perfectly acceptable to eat the next day without any reheating necessary. I’ve never actually had the desire to try it, but I’ve seen it done more times than I can count. Give it a shot.

1b. This leftovers technique is especially true after a party, usually a birthday party. Breakfast the next morning should always consist of leftover pizza, birthday cake, or both.

2. When frying greasy things, use metal tongs to grip a folded paper towel and mop up the grease as you cook. It seems like more work perhaps, but apparently it keeps grease from splattering all over your stove. If you’re not the individual that has to clean up after the meal, disregard what I just said.

3. When baking frozen cookies (we always used these Tollhouse cookies) preheat the oven to the temperature given in the package’s instructions. Next, eat the little frozen cubes of dough. If you haven’t eaten them all, put whatever’s left in the oven for the recommended time; otherwise, don’t forget to turn the oven off.

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Tips From my Parents’ Kitchen

1.  Boil bratwurst for 20 or so minutes before tossing them on the grill.  This will aid you in your quest to avoid the “Why aren’t these damn things cooki– OH SHIT THE BRATS ARE BURNT” experience.  Additionally, throw some dark beer, some chopped onions, really whatever you want into the concoction for some flavor.

2.  The beer thing goes for chili, as well.  If I recall correctly, my dad’s preference was Sam Adams Boston Lager, but I’ve been wrong before.  Take his word for it, he knows chili.  He always grew his own peppers for that pot of ecstasy.

3.  Add a splash of tequila while cooking baked beans.  It can be dirt-cheap tequila.  I think it adds good flavor.  I’m also now realizing I sound like a stereotypical Midwesterner.  Additionally, we are not alcoholics.  I swear.

Image Credit:  NH567 via Flickr

Some Things that Don’t go Well with Cheese…

…no matter what the internet says.

1.  Cereal.  Apparently some people put cottage cheese in their cereal.  That sounds very healthy.  It also sounds disgusting.

2.  Chocolate cake.  Cheddar is surprisingly good on apple pie, but that’s one of the few desserts cheese works with.  If you haven’t tried it, it’s time you headed to your county fair for apparently the first time in your life.

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How to Make a Fantastic Mixed Drink

1. Fill a tumbler 3/4 of the way with ice cubes.  Not crushed, cubed.

2. Add some Jameson until about half full.

There are other options for this step, but this is my preference.  If you’re feeling thrifty, go for some Seagrams 7.  If you want to step it up because your money is burning a hole in your pocket but don’t really care if there is a noticeable upgrade despite the extra cost, you might consider springing for some Bushmills.  Regardless, Step 2 remains the same.

3.  Mix it up.  Drink it.

How guilty should you feel about eating lamb? — Marginal Revolution

How guilty should you feel about eating lamb? — Marginal Revolution.

The author’s answer differs a bit from what I was expecting, but the ultimate point is in line with the direction that many think our diets should be moving: eat less meat, of all kinds.

This graph sparked the response:

Simple + Delicious

One of my favorite dishes that my mom always made when I was younger turns out to also be one of the easiest to make.  As a side note, I love Italian food!

Here’s what you need to try, at least once:

1.  Buy (obtain) this:

Sure, some people don’t like Bob Evans.  That’s irrelevant.  Just get it.

2.  Fry the sausage up in a pan, cutting it into smaller pieces with a spatula as it cooks.  Cook it to the point that you think it’s about to be overcooked.  I promise you, the crunchy parts are the best.

3.  Make pasta.  Any kind.

4.  Heat tomato sauce, or don’t.  The heat from everything else will warm it enough if you’re not a whiny bitch.

5.  Mix them all together.

6.  Put shredded romano cheese on top.  Make a mini-mountain of it.

7.  Eat it.  Go back for seconds.

8.  Have the people for whom you made it clean up your mess.