“Life is R-Rated, but nobody tells you until it’s too late.”

My dad just said that to me on the phone the other day.   I’m 22.  Is it too late?  I think he means that people can tell you that same thing all day long but you’ll never really know it’s true until you witness real “shit” firsthand.  He also said something about how life kicks your ass, or does your ass, and some more R-Rated things, but I can’t remember verbatim like the first bit.  In short, eventually something will screw you somehow and you’ll realize everyone who told you it was coming wasn’t fucking with you.  The whole subject came up because I mentioned that I thought that this blog shouldn’t be R-Rated.  I’ve been trying to keep my posts relatively professional because hey, who knows, a potential employer might be reading it right now.

But why should I?  Like my dad said, life is R-Rated; why shouldn’t this blog be?  Now is the part where I get into some preachy society crap:  I think society, American society, cannot handle it.  Most people would simply lose their shit if we didn’t constantly shun the vulgar, the violent, the crude; all substantial facets of the reality of life.

Side note that I can’t resist inserting:  I’ve long believed that this basic principle is the very reason that religion exists.  The masses cannot handle the reality in which they live, nor can they cope with one very indisputable truth: they will die.  And it might hurt, and there might not be anything afterward.  Is it so inconceivable that when we die we are no more, and we rot in the Earth?  I think most cannot bear to live with that knowledge.  Surely someone will save them.

What’s my point?  I’m going to use naughty words on this blog.

(Bill’s note: I think even in my efforts to not swear in my writing I managed to slip a couple in, so I’ll just stop trying to avoid it and see what happens.)

Image Credit: moonlight on celluloid via Flickr


One response to ““Life is R-Rated, but nobody tells you until it’s too late.”

  1. We will all die. The question is, what are you going to do with the time you have here? Life has its ups and downs and yes, it sometimes kicks you in the ass. Often life does that when we need it most. It’s easy to be a good person when you’re carefree and happy. But who are you in your pain and suffering? What lesson were you meant to learn from it?

    Religion exists because there is more to the universe than we, as humans, can explain. So with your limited time on earth ask yourself, “Am I living a wholehearted, connected life? What is my purpose here? Am I being mindful and compassionate with myself and others?”

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