Tips From my Parents’ Kitchen

1.  Boil bratwurst for 20 or so minutes before tossing them on the grill.  This will aid you in your quest to avoid the “Why aren’t these damn things cooki– OH SHIT THE BRATS ARE BURNT” experience.  Additionally, throw some dark beer, some chopped onions, really whatever you want into the concoction for some flavor.

2.  The beer thing goes for chili, as well.  If I recall correctly, my dad’s preference was Sam Adams Boston Lager, but I’ve been wrong before.  Take his word for it, he knows chili.  He always grew his own peppers for that pot of ecstasy.

3.  Add a splash of tequila while cooking baked beans.  It can be dirt-cheap tequila.  I think it adds good flavor.  I’m also now realizing I sound like a stereotypical Midwesterner.  Additionally, we are not alcoholics.  I swear.

Image Credit:  NH567 via Flickr


One response to “Tips From my Parents’ Kitchen

  1. Absolutely use beer when boiling the brats! Its the only way to go

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