Some Things that Don’t go Well with Cheese…

…no matter what the internet says.

1.  Cereal.  Apparently some people put cottage cheese in their cereal.  That sounds very healthy.  It also sounds disgusting.

2.  Chocolate cake.  Cheddar is surprisingly good on apple pie, but that’s one of the few desserts cheese works with.  If you haven’t tried it, it’s time you headed to your county fair for apparently the first time in your life.

3.  Ice cream.  Back to the dessert thing, but it’s different enough from cake that it needs its own entry.

4.  Other cheese.  Perhaps other people aren’t obsessed with cheese enough to have actually tried this, but I’ve found that different kinds of cheese rarely compliment each other when plain on crackers.  Various combinations are great in dishes, but in the raw… Nah.

5.  I’m out.  Cheese is good on practically everything — I can only come up with four things that I wouldn’t eat with cheese on it.  Feel free to share everything I missed.


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