A Few Good Ways to Stay Cool

1.  Go to a pool party.  That’s what we did yesterday, it was a blast.  Make sure that  you, at the very least, have friends who know people with a pool.  As yesterday indicates, you don’t need to anyone else there to enjoy yourself.

2.  Go tubing on a river.  We went here last weekend:


I highly recommend it if it’s a reasonable drive — about an hour and a half from D.C.  Bring a cooler filled with beer, and plenty of it.  They’ll adamantly tell you that alcohol is forbidden on the river, but ignore them.  They don’t mean it and they won’t check your coolers for contraband.

One thing I liked about this river in particular for tubing (yes, I’ve done this before): it was an ideal combination of lazy floating and rapids to keep it interesting.  The later in the trip you get, the more difficult the rapids become to navigate (assuming you followed my beer cooler advice).  The good news is, if you do lose your sunglasses, like I did, it’s a fairly safe assumption that it will happen toward the end of your trip.

3.  Perform step #2 without the river or tubes, just on a solid porch.

4.  Stay inside and play the old Starcraft.

5.  In lieu of steps 1, 2, 3 or 4 buy one of these:

Sit in it.


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