Simple + Delicious

One of my favorite dishes that my mom always made when I was younger turns out to also be one of the easiest to make.  As a side note, I love Italian food!

Here’s what you need to try, at least once:

1.  Buy (obtain) this:

Sure, some people don’t like Bob Evans.  That’s irrelevant.  Just get it.

2.  Fry the sausage up in a pan, cutting it into smaller pieces with a spatula as it cooks.  Cook it to the point that you think it’s about to be overcooked.  I promise you, the crunchy parts are the best.

3.  Make pasta.  Any kind.

4.  Heat tomato sauce, or don’t.  The heat from everything else will warm it enough if you’re not a whiny bitch.

5.  Mix them all together.

6.  Put shredded romano cheese on top.  Make a mini-mountain of it.

7.  Eat it.  Go back for seconds.

8.  Have the people for whom you made it clean up your mess.


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